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手   機:18717722596
電   話:0512-57879662
郵   箱:18717722596@163.com
網   址:www.aqewo.com
地   址:上海市松江區洞涇鎮工業區洞舟路550號

    慶熠產品采用日本同類機械設計圖紙及先進的制造技術,經本廠多年改進完善,使整機在機、電、汽、液等多方面在國內外同行業中處于先進水平,公司擁有專業技術人員、工程師和銷售售后服務人員,形成一支高素質年輕化的專業隊伍,公司始終以“以人為本 科技領先 誠信經營 創世界品牌”為宗旨,一如既往為客戶提供可靠的產品、完善的服務,共同發展,共創佳績。
    Shanghaiqingyi precise machinery co.ltd is a collection of production, research and development, sales and service as one of professional electronic machinery manufacturing enterprises. We specilized in microcomputer slicing machines, cutting machines, slitting machines, laminating machines and die-cutting machines for many years. Our company have obtained 11 patents and passed the SGS factory qualification certification and the European Union CE certification . In 2013, We have got "national high-tech enterprise".Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and many other countries and regions that won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.
    With Japanese machine design and advanced manufacture technology,we acheived the leading level after being improved constantly for many years,especially in main frame,electric,gas,liquid.We own professional technical staffs,engineers,sales and after-service employees to be a young and high qualified team .Our belief is “people-oriented, technology-leading, management-intergrity and creating world brand” to supply reliable produducts,perfect service to develop with customers together.
    Our machines are widely applied in laminating,slitting and die cutting for shield materials,Sticky materials,insulating materials,conductive materials,electronic materials.Sizing cutting for strings,belts,rolls in bag line,shoe and cap line and plastic and rubber line.